About Us

We are a community of doers. We are comprised of artists, scientists, students, teachers, and people who just love coffee. We start by roasting your coffee in small batches to give you the personalized details you deserve and follow it up by preparing your pour over by hand. In addition, we brew loose leaf tea to tried and tested specifications for optimum flavor. 

We don't do this to be different. We don't do this because there is romance in doing it. We do it because the end result is unparalleled to your average cup. It is crafted from the ground up and tailored to you.

In a world where everything is automated, we can continue the pattern, but we would much rather provide you with a great cup of coffee. We choose this path because you deserve to uncover the unique taste in each coffee bean. From the sweet, dark cherry notes in Chiapas, Mexico to the delicate, floral notes of Kenya, each bean has traveled thousands of miles and miles to reach us. We continue the bean's story with detail to maintain its individual character. 

Come experience the story with us.